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1. What is the main reason for your visit to the Caribbean Through a Lens page?
General interest in Caribbean history
Personal connection to the Caribbean
Involvement in community projects
Family history
Academic research
Other (please specify)
2. How did you hear about the Caribbean Through a Lens project?
Communuity event / exhibition
Word of mouth
Social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
The National Archives website
Browsing the web
The National Archives newsletter
Other (please specify)
3. How often do you visit The National Archives website?
This is my first visit
Every day
At least once a week
At least once a month
At least twice a year
At least once a year
Less than once a year
Don't know
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Which age group do you belong to?
Less than 16 years
75 years and over
5.Which ethnic group do you belong to?
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Asian / Indo-Caribbean
Black African / Black Caribbean
Mixed ethnic background
Any other ethnic group (please specify if you wish):
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